12715198_1128477923851243_444180507336363117_nHello & Welcome!

I’m so excited to meet you!  My name is Shelli Speaks and this space has been created to assist you in creating a life that you love.  Are you “stuck” and can’t figure out how to change things?  Are you wondering how to take your life to the “next level”?  Are you interested in creating something, yet the thought of “where do I begin” overwhelms you?  Do you allow confusion, fear, worry or doubt stop the expansion of your life?

I’m here to help!

For over 30 years, I’ve been “reading the energy” of people, places, things and situations in order to communicate what’s REALLY going on, so that people can create their lives with the most pristine information available.  I also give people the tools required to create, generate, manifest and actualize what they truly desire and require.

Are you looking for more ease, joy, bliss and pleasure in and as your life?  Would you like to expand and increase your money flows?  Are you looking for a relationship?  Are you wondering why things aren’t working out the way you thought they would?  Is your physical body asking for change?  Are you sad and depressed?  Are you “feeling okay” and would just like to create something new and different for yourself?  Are you stuck in the energies of:  I can’t, It’s impossible, that would never happen for me or other limiting beliefs that don’t allow you to consciously create your life?

There are SO many ways we can play!  Do you require information about a person, place, thing or situation?  If so, CLICK HERE to receive a READING.

Are you desiring some tools to assist you in creating your life or your business?  If so, click here to join the Joy & Expansion program for energetic support and private personal coaching.

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I have a lot going on in my life and I’m grateful to have created a space just to be with YOU.  Not sure what you require?  CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 15 minute session.  I wonder what’s possible for YOU that you’ve never even considered.